Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s inside the grease nipple?

    A ball and spring that stops grease coming back out.

  • What’s inside the grease coupler?

    Nothing, the coupler has no moving parts, it has no welds and joints. It is one solid piece of metal, this is what makes it so reliable.

  • How much pressure can the grease nipple take?

    10,000 psi.

  • How much pressure can the grease coupler take?

    10,000 psi.

  • What metal is the grease nipple made from?

    Stainless steel.

  • What metal is the grease coupler made from?

    Solid Brass/Chrome Plated.

  • How does the NEVALEAK system work?

    It works by utilizing equal hydraulic pressure.

  • Where can I buy NEVALEAK products?

    Currently NEVALEAK products are only available from this website.

  • Will sunlight damage the O rings?

    Sunlight shouldnt be an issue.
    Nitrile rubber compounds are much better than they used to be than in the old days.
    On average half of all outdoor grease fittings are in recessed holes this shelters them from sunlight.
    The grease acts as good sunblock and conditioner.
    Because the O rings are in a groove then only one 1/4 of the O ring is exposed to sunlight.
    In the unlikey event of a O ring failure just replace the standard 4x1mm O ring, they only cost a few cents.
    For 100 percent UV protection use a NEVALEAK cap.