Machinery operator/product designer Bradley Slee was frustrated with grease nipples leaking, wearing and jamming. Sometimes a traditional grease nipple would leak if it had been scratched or worn from the teeth inside the coupler. To make matters worse, the coupler could also become worn, making it difficult to know whether the grease coupler or grease nipple was faulty. Often a machine operator wouldn’t have time to replace a worn grease nipple or grease coupler resulting in grease leaking out, leaving a mechanical joint or pin dry. This joint would then wear out costing big money to refurbish or replace.

Bradley Slee thought there must be a better way - a grease fitting system that didn’t wear, leak or jam would be ideal. However, all of the systems he considered used locking mechanisms which tended to jam under pressure, a situation that was unacceptable.

It wasn’t till the year 2000 when Brad discovered that a side entree grease fitting system would eliminate all the past problems with grease fittings.

14 YEARS and 500 prototypes later Bradley has patented/designed a superior grease coupler and grease nipple that won’t leak/wear or jam. The grease coupler has no internal or external parts making it ultra-reliable compared to traditional grease couplers that have on average 10 parts. The new type grease nipple is tainless steel and an optional silicon dust cap is available.

Graig Thomson, owner of Waipu Earthmoving, has installed the NEVALEAK grease fittings onto his five ton Hitachi excavator and is impressed with how easy the couplers slide on and off with no mess or jamming. Craig says, "I have more confidence in my employees greasing my machinery properly as they seem to enjoy greasing now, where as in the past it was a chore." The NEVALEAK Ltd’s biggest order to date is from a factory in the United States for 1200 1/4 SAE grease nipples.

The NEVALEAK grease fittings are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. They are for sale exclusively at the official online shop of NEVALEAK.

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Bradley Slee
Mobile: 027 600 5555
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Website: www.nevaleak.com